About Us

GalileanStore.IN is the retailing division of Galilean Educational Servants’ Trust. Our aims to become a leading online platform service in sales, reputation and customer satisfaction.

We provide a life changing message in the form of quality products. Our ultimate goal is to showcase products that will impacts the creative talents of the marketplace. Our showcase is about the story behind the product and how through the testimony of our guest, viewers gain new depth and perspective that will inspire and enrich their lives.

We work hard to provide customers with the best selection products including books, music, and DVDs Beyond simple products, we believe in the inspiration and testimony of each of the artists whose products we represent.

It is our objective to reinvest the profits from our business activities back into the community programming options for today's generation of youth and adults. Your patronage is vitally important in allowing us to achieve this goal. We hope you will consider carefully which organizations you support with your business, and choose GalileanStore.IN as your most trusted supplier of life changing products! Please feel free to research our site. We love to hear your feedback - if you have suggestions or ideas on how we can improve the service, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@galileanstore.in