Nachoonga (Hindi) -- Sheldon Bangera (CD)

Nachoonga (Hindi) -- Sheldon Bangera (CD)

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Sheldon Bangera, having a great singing experience in the classic worship songs presents Nachoonga. It is a collection of popular English worship songs by well known lyricist Matt Redman, Martin Smith, Tim Hughes and others performed in Indian flavour. It provides a path from English speaking worship to the Indian community across the globe. Now we hear Here I am to Worship, In Christ Alone, Your Grace Is Enough, Blessed Be Your Name etc in Hindi. 

Track list

Hai Anand Hai (Happy Day)

Tere Pyaar Ke Geet Main Gaoon (I Could Sing of Your Love Forever)

Dhanya Tera Naam (Blessed Be Your Name)

Kaisa Pitaa Ka Pyaar Hai (How Deep the Father?s Love)

Hosanna (Hosanna (Praise is Rising)

Yogya Tu Hai Yogya (Worthy, You Are Worthy)

Sanatan Mere Khuda (Everlasting God)

Sirf Hai Masih (In Christ Alone)

Tera Anugraha Kaafi Hai (Your Grace is Enough)

Aradhana Karun (Here I Am to Worship)

Nachoonga (Undignified)

Tu Kabhi Na Chode Mujhko (You Never Let Go)